The Team

The Pathfinder Labs team come from a diverse range of government and private sector activities. Our team has extensive experience in complex investigation, counter terrorism, online child abuse investigations, industrial espionage, digital forensics and data recovery . Previous solutions designed by our team, are actively used by organizations such as Interpol and other prominent investigation teams world wide.

Our Mission

Empowering investigators to apprehend criminals and rescue victims is the driving force behind the creation of Pathfinder Labs Ltd. Our mission is to develop products, infrastructure, tools and services that turn data into actionable decisions for law enforcement.


Services developed by Pathfinder are focused foremost on usability and inter-operability. Our systems are designed to be used by frontline investigators in addition to specialist teams.

  • System Automation
  • Document and Media Analysis
  • Intelligence Platforms
  • Communication Systems
  • Investigation Analytics
  • Bespoke Solutions


Off the shelf products, whilst fulfilling short term tasks, do not service every need. Pathfinder works with the client to identify areas that are optimal for automation, giving greater coverage and support to the investigator or investigations team. Our solutions give our clients the ability to invest in the long term strategy of the operation or task.


Pathfinder is proud to partner with the following groups, these partnerships are part of the long term focus of Pathfinder and reflect our contribution to the community


Pathfinder is proud to showcase the successes achieved through our partnership with our clients, whether our systems are helping find and rescue children who are being abused, or providing intervention packages for at risk groups.


Our people are capable of working, thinking and developing independantly while also contributing to the greater social impact driving by the whole team. If this is you, apply to Pathfinder Labs.

We are not currently advertising for new staff, if you would like to be informed of new positions please contact us at [email protected]


If you would like more information about the products offered by Pathfinder or would like to discuss your requirements please use this form to contact the team.