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Pathfinder Labs is driven by a strong commitment to empower investigators in their mission to apprehend criminals and rescue victims.

Our overarching goal is to develop innovative products, infrastructure, tools, and services that seamlessly convert data into actionable decisions for law enforcement professionals.

By providing these transformative solutions, we aim to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of investigations, ultimately making a positive impact on public safety.

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Our Services

Pathfinder's services prioritise usability and interoperability, saving you time and effort. Our systems are designed to be user-friendly for both frontline investigators and specialized teams, ensuring quick and efficient access to the tools and information you need.

With a focus on simplicity and seamless integration, you can easily navigate our interfaces and collaborate effortlessly with others.

Reach out to Pathfinder to explore how our accessible solutions can empower and elevate your investigative work.

System Automation - Document and Media Analysis - Investigative Training - Specialist Coaching - Intelligence Platforms - Communication Analysis


While off-the-shelf products may fulfill immediate requirements, they often fall short of meeting every need. We work closely with our clients to identify specific areas that are best suited for automation, providing enhanced coverage and support to investigators or investigations teams.

By leveraging our solutions, clients can make investments in the long-term strategy of their operations or tasks, ensuring sustained success and effectiveness.

Get in touch with Pathfinder today to discover how we can assist and enhance your workflow.

About us

The Pathfinder Labs team is composed of professionals with diverse backgrounds spanning both the government and private sectors.

Each team member brings a wealth of expertise in various domains, such as complex investigations, counter-terrorism, online child abuse investigations, industrial espionage, digital forensics, and data recovery.

The solutions crafted by our accomplished team are actively deployed and utilized by prestigious organizations on a global scale, including Interpol, attesting to their effectiveness and widespread recognition.


Strategic partnerships exemplify Pathfinder's dedication to long-term goals and highlight our commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

Pathfinder is proud to collaborate with the following organizations.


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