The Team

The Pathfinder Labs team come from a diverse range of government and private sector activities.

Our team has extensive experience in complex investigation, counter terrorism, online child abuse investigations, industrial espionage, digital forensics and data recovery.

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Photo of Bree Aktinson

Bree Aktinson

With a history of maintaining technology companies, Bree curates the team that delivers innovative products and capabilities to agencies in order to maintain the advantage in on line crimes.
Photo of Pete Pilley

Pete Pilley

Dev Ops Architect
Pete is a creative developer, driven to make tools which investigators can absorb into their own methodologies. A key member in Operation Wisha, Rhodes and Blackwrist his experience as a senior investigator saw successes resulting in rescue of victims and prosecution of dedicated offenders.
Photo of Joe Gray

Joe Gray

Operations Architect
Joe has extensive experience as an Intelligence Analyst and a Covert Internet Investigator. Joe has been in involved in several high profile complex CSAM investigations. Joe delivers training courses as well as providing insight into the needs of the investigator during the development of Pathfinder tools.
Photo of Caroline Neame

Caroline Neame

Product Owner
Caroline's career in internet investigations has a breadth of knowledge over policy, research and operational requirements. Serving as the oversight of Pathfinder product development, she incorporates her investigational experience in to the capabilities of our tools.
Photo of Samantha Ashwell

Samantha Ashwell

Criminal Law Specialist
Barrister-at-law to the High Courts of Australia & New Zealand. Sam brings prosecution experience to the considerations of Pathfinders support and services. Sam worked on the high profile international Operation Blackwrist, securing a heavy sentence for one offender involved. She continues to deliver successes for our clients need.