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Pathfinder is proud to showcase the successes achieved through our partnership with our clients, whether our systems are helping find and rescue children who are being abused, or providing intervention packages for at risk groups.

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  1. It takes a NETWORK to defeat a NETWORK

    Colm Gannon

    For a long time, people have heard me use the phrase "it takes a NETWORK to defeat a NETWORK". Many believed that this phrase was brought about by a General, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, in 2011. However, it was brought to the public arena a lot sooner and from an event that had influenced my career in Policing and remains to do so, a long time after working in government.

    Photograph of Alberto Gonzales delivering a speech in a courtroom.
  2. COVID-19: 'A Predator's Paradise'​

    Joe Gray

    Understanding the impact of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. With free accessibility to online platforms and more time on their hands, children and young people face a growing danger. Pathfinder Labs has developed tools for Law Enforcement relating to streaming services and its susceptibility to online offending. This is a discussion piece on the recent increase in live streaming and the offenders hiding within the multitude.

    Photo of a child looking at their smartphone on a tripod which has ring light behind it.
  3. Algorithm Parenting – the computer says “No!”

    Colm Gannon

    Algorithm Parenting – It’s a term I use to describe the excuses used by individuals who lay blame to Electronic Service Providers for the failure to have “algorithms” in place to stop young people from engaging in harmful online behaviour. Yes, there are times that the trust and safety requirements should and are lawfully required to remove, prevent and report illegal content but there are limitations to automation. Algorithms are based on current human behaviour and will be the subject of a readjustment delay to the evolution of human online interaction.

    Photograph of a computer screen that has multicoloured computer code on it.