Pathfinder is proud to showcase the successes achieved through our partnership with our clients, whether our systems are helping find and rescue children who are being abused, or providing intervention packages for at risk groups.

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  1. Social Media & Pornography (Part 3)

    Joe Gray

    We have already discussed the increased demand for non-consensual and dehumanising material within society. Also, when traditional pornographic sites/platforms become the focus of financial institutions, governments, law enforcement, non-governmental organisations, and academia, an opportunity arises for new, less regulated platforms to fill the void.

    Illustration of a smartphone and a woman standing in front of a camera.
  2. Social Media & Pornography (Part 2)

    Joe Gray

    Part Two will discuss the consequences of financial institutions putting pressure on adult pornographic websites and the increase in demand for non-consensual and dehumanising content.

    Illustration of a carousel of seven smartphones. All phones show a drawing of a woman crying in a shower and the middle and biggest phone shows a woman standing and has a flashlight shining down on it. In front of the smartphone are two credit cards with a red cross over them
  3. Social Media & Pornography (Part 1)

    Joe Gray

    Why do websites revise their policies? Some websites do it due to external pressure from banking institutions threatening to remove access to financial services, while others do it to reduce the exposure to its younger users.

    Diagram of the logos of Instagram, TikTok and Twitter in a blue filled circle with a gray arrow pointing to the right which changes course to avoid a red hexagon with the words "trust & safety" and ends on another blue filled circle with two icons of locks inside.
  4. STOP THE SEARCH - Identification, deterrence and Intervention

    Colm Gannon

    Pathfinder Labs are proud to have been part of a deterrence solution for people who are trying to access material that promotes the sexual exploitation of children. Working with MindGeek and Home Care Medical, Pathfinder Labs worked to create connections and develop interventions for people searching for material connected to problematic and/or harmful sexual behaviour.

    Screenshot of a warning on Pornhub that reads: Warning. The content you have searched for could be harmful to yourself or others.
  5. Broadcasting to offenders: Where are the safeguards?

    Joe Gray

    As the Covid-19 continues to disrupt our ‘once’ daily routine of work and school, one of the real negative impacts we have observed from the pandemic is the increase in online offending. One of the most prevalent areas that offenders are ‘hunting for their prey’ is on live streaming platforms.

    Image of four TVs, one with the logo for Facebook Live on the screen, another with YouTube Live, another with Instagram Live, and another with the words "livestream".